Since 1965 to today
Back in 1965 two friends came up with the idea to create in the centre of Athens a shop in order to offer to their customers Kalamakia,the authentic greek souvlakia. They also decide to name this shop"Souvlaki Leivadia" because of the reputation which seems to have this particular place for its pork Kalamaki. In this area the majority of people decided to have a short break for a tasty snack as they were traveling to north Greece.In this shop the Kalamaki was served with farmhouse bread which was free and unlimited and for this reason more and more people visited every day. There many of our customers who come and fable to us that when they were students they bought only one Kalamaki and they glutted with a lot of bread those difficult years.

So "Souvlaki Leivadia" the authentic greek pork Kalamaki has found its place in the centre of Athens,in the Glastonos and Kaniggos corner. From then and as the time passed, despite the fact that the founders dead the one earlier and the other more recently,their business and their idea which remain to their families are continuing with the same manner and desire to work.

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