The shop

    Until now this place has been renovated two times and the last one was in 1995.Nevertheless, the conditions spur us to move to a similar  estate to Kaniggos 2-4 in order to cater to the modern demands of the hygiene's rules and to the most safe and comfortable stay for our customers. What remains the same during the years is how we produce our product. This painstaking process which has many stages starts before the sunrise and is dealing with the processing of special pieces of pork meal which create the Kalamaki. Since they are ready our experienced cooks, depending on the work's movement, cook the proper quantity of Kalamaki in order our products to be cooked and be consumed promptly.There is no Kalamaki which will remain and become cold. Sometimes our customer have to wait a bit so as to take his food delicious, fresh and really tasteful, ready to enjoy it.

    So our customers every day enjoy the fresh and extra fine Kalamaki which is produced by ourselves without any kind of nerves and needless suet, without any meat's or material's mixture which will convert our product to junk food.

    This daily cycle of work finishes every night when our place is cleaned-up, is disinfected and is prepared again in order to welcome again its customers the next day.

    Τhe shop is divided into three levels:

    a) The production place which qualify all the modern demands of production with separate workshops for the meats and the vegetables as the new hygiene's rules demand.

    b) The place of cooking and consuming which has become bigger in order to be more comfortable for our customers with tables inside and outside of the shop.

    c) The place which contains the offices, the museum which has old tools and items which was used during the production of greek souvlaki and finally the place of W.C.